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Can Wrongfully Convicted Man Get past His PTSD?

December 06, 2017

Last season, we met Clarence who spent several years in jail for a crime he did not commit. Following his exoneration, he developed PTSD and we sent him to see PTSD specialist Dr. Eugene Lipov.


Dr. Lipov pioneered a groundbreaking treatment for PTSD which involves a simple epidermal injection to the neck. He is often able to stop the symptoms of PTSD with one shot and he says the brain is rebooted to a pre-trauma state. Dr. Lipov treats both Clarence and wife Molly, who says she is experiencing secondary PTSD.

Crime Watch: Clarence Elkins

June 05, 2017

Wrongly convicted Ohio man snags other inmate's cigarette butt to clear his name...

The Doctors: Healing the Pain of Wrongful Imprisonment

May 15, 2017

Ricky, Nancy, and Clarence have all been imprisoned for terrible crimes – crimes they never committed. Now the three of them join The Doctors to discuss the lingering trauma of these experiences, and how they are able to move forward.

PTSD relief? Can a little-known treatment help wrongfully-convicted Ohio man?

May 02, 2017

He spent 7 years in prison for crimes that he didn't commit. It was DNA evidence that finally freed Clarence Elkins.

The trauma of that time behind bars left Elkins with a lifetime of repercussions and PTSD.


Eleven years after his release, Elkins has tried a fairly unknown treatment to deal with that post traumatic stress, and is hoping that one injection to block certain nerves can give him his life back.


FOX 8 went with him and his wife to Chicago, and documented the moments that he received the treatment.

‘Since the injection, no more nightmares’: Clarence Elkins gives update after shot to treat PTSD

May 17, 2017

More than two weeks after receiving breakthrough treatment for his PTSD, Clarence Elkins gave an update on his symptoms on FOX 8 News in The Morning.


Elkins sat down with FOX 8's Stacey Frey Wednesday morning, along with his wife Molly.

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